Livingood Whole Body Health - Massage Therapy & Wellness

LIVINGOOD delivers the highest standard of care by realigning posture through a wide variety of therapeutic modalities & services.


At LIVINGOOD we are passionate about creating alternative solutions for those suffering with chronic conditions. 


Each client is carefully diagnosed and our team of specialists develop a holistic plan to reduce or eliminate their complications.


Our specialists are dedicated to the health of our clients.  At LIVINGOOD we focused on making our clients lives more enjoyable.


All LIVINGOOD products are made with natural raw ingredients.  LIVINGOOD Pain Relief Lotions and Oils are formulated in house and are available for purchase in store or online.


Essential Oils

Available Essential Oils include: Tea Tree, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender


Incorporated as needed:  

  1. Hot Stones 

Relax and soothe achy muscles.

Cold Stones

Soothes inflamed muscles and relaxes the face.

Herbal Steamer

Good for sinus congestion

Cupping & Fascia Blasting

"The Edge"- Breaks up connective tissue to elongate the muscle from it's retracted state.

Ice and Heat Therapy Massager

Penetrates cold or heat into the muscle tissue after being relaxed.

Neck Roll

Heated towel to help elongate the cervical spine and stretch out the neck muscles to relax the body.