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LIVINGOOD delivers the highest standard of care by realigning posture through a wide variety of therapeutic modalities & services.


At LIVINGOOD we are passionate about creating alternative solutions for those suffering with chronic conditions. 


Each client is carefully diagnosed and our team of specialists develop a holistic plan to reduce or eliminate their complications.


Our specialists are dedicated to the health of our clients.  At LIVINGOOD we focused on making our clients lives more enjoyable.



CBT is not your average "massage"... Though it may not be considered "relaxing", it really produces relief and results.
Corrective Body Therapy (CBT) is a type of massage that realigns body posture through the use of a wide variety of therapeutic services. These services include active and passive stretching, structural integration, active release therapy, muscle stripping, trigger point therapy, and breaking of fascia adhesions. Our massage is quite different from most techniques because it really focuses on each individuals problems, and creates a modality plan to improve overall health and posture.